Sacred Feminine Coaching & Tarot Readings

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Sit in on a one-on-one Sacred Feminine coaching session with me. My expertise is helping women overcome food issues and eating disorders. I will help you uncover the secret message that your food-related, soul-symptom issue is trying to convey.

Food issues and eating dis-orders are not actually food-related conditions. These diseases are conditions of emotional trauma left unresolved, or of a current situation that is inviting you to grow and evolve into your higher self.

Through our session or sessions, I will help you identify the root cause of your issue, and I will teach you how to return to your Wild Woman, that beautiful being that resides within you and is whole, happy and loved.

The sessions are done via FaceTime.


The Wild Woman, your highest self and intuition, communicates with you continuously. However, the noise in our lives extinguishes that Sacred Voice, like a lit candle set out in the rain.

Through our Oracle Cards & Tarot session, I serve as a bridge. I bring out your inner voice and have it speak loud and clear. Tarot is not about reading the future. It's a Divine tool that helps you understand your current situation. I interpret the guidance of the Goddess, and what the Tarot have for you.

The sessions are done via FaceTime.