Woman of the Moon

And, we cross paths. 

How are you? How is your day going?

Can you believe the universe orchestrated our encounter through a book about love?

It’s fascinating to think about how all the events of this world fall neatly next to each other. Like a never-ending row of dominoes, the first one falling affects the 20,987th piece.

The other day, I read something about the “Butterfly Effect”. The meme explained that the flapping of a butterfly's wings in the Western hemisphere can create a tornado in China. 

Well, that’s somewhat how Woman of the Moon came together. 

I have a poem on page 9 called “Love is the tiny font”. That poem explains how sometimes we are used for greatness, even though we may be going through some almost unbearable circumstances. In the middle of last summer, I found myself lost. I had to face a situation that challenged me in every way. However, that experience made me stronger than I have ever been and led the way to me writing WOM.

After my episode of existential discontent, I sought guidance. Help presented itself in the way of a friend who invited me to a Sacred Medicine Ceremony. Humbled, and with my heart roughly sewn together, I attended the woman’s circle that night. The intention of that night’s prayer was to align ourselves with the energy of the moon — it was a full moon prayer. 

I meditated and remained quiet and still during that night. However, I received three very clear messages. One was how my previous incident had led me to become reborn, two, (this one I'll keep for myself) and three, to write a book of poetry by the name of Woman of the Moon. 

Can you see the connection? I was used for greatness in spite of the pain and darkness I'd faced. I grew, I gave myself a second chance, and in a matter of two months, this book put itself together for you. 

And like that, we are but indispensable tools for each other’s growth.

I hope you savor the words and the emotions of this book. I hope love embraces you like warm honey pouring over your shoulders.

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love yourself crazy,
Pamela Wasabi 

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