Take yourself (in) on a date!

If there’s one thing that I encourage all of my friends to have, it is time with themselves. Get to know yourself through journaling, taking a bath, touching yourself, listening to music while staring out the window, singing nonsense out loud, taking a walk across the park, or spending a sunset on a paddleboard. I encourage everyone to seek what makes them radiant, what brings out their true colors from within. It’s so imperative for our emotional health to take ourselves on dates, to gift ourselves those emotions and feelings we need to fulfill within instead of desperately looking for them on the outside. Love, confidence, serenity, daydreaming joy, and happiness when cultivated within will ooze out and become an indestructible shield of peace. This is the only wall we need to build around ourselves to overcome any sort of catastrophe --while socially distancing! 

To enjoy your alone time, I have put together some suggestions:

1) Woman of the Moon Poetry Book

Woman of the Moon is a compilation of poems that speak of concepts like feminism, conscious relationships, healing, and sexual connection. Woman of the Moon is an invitation to liberate your heart from social inhibitions and limited belief systems. Spend some time loving yourself through WOM. Buy via amazon.com or follow @returningtothewildwoman.

2) Sacred Space Miami

Miami’s holistic playground for personal growth is taking measures as we should. Their event programming has been canceled; however, some of their scheduled lineup will be happening and streaming through online portals like Zoom. Their newsletter is also packed with grounding messages and information to keep raising love over fear. Visit @sacredspacemiami.

3) Rising Woman

The entire universe is made from relationships. Sadly, it is one area of our human conditioning where we lack education and guidance. Most of our current connections are reflections of our unresolved issues, or our relationships show recurring patterns where happiness is not the recurring theme. Rising Woman is an empowering women's portal that teaches women how to tap into their repressed wounds in a kind way to then orchestrate their lives to seek loving connections while shedding learned, damaging patterns. Their courses are available online at risingwoman.com

4) Mary Magdalene Revealed

This is a book by Meggan Watterson, a feminist theologian who has studied the teachings of Mary Magdalene in depth. This book exposes the truths that have been kept in the dark regarding our truest potential and our connection with the goddess within. Before dogmatic religion numbed and shunned us from spiritual connection, there was a Christianity that spoke of the divinity that resides in each one of our hearts. This book is not religious but deeply grounded in the fact that we are all we need. Buy via amazon.com or follow @megganwatterson.

5) Meditation

Social media is keeping us together. Spiritual leaders are the containers who are holding a space for the world. They are providing cultural wisdom, cultivating our state of mind, and keeping us calm. Eastern and western worlds are merging in a beautiful way, where modern medicine is tackling the physical body and eastern modalities the mind. Follow @deepakchopra@mariannewilliamson, or @russellbrand for calming meditations or insights on what this virus signifies to our collective evolution.

6) Empowerment Class

From sister Michelle Alva, try a free seven-day online class to “clear the mind, uplift your mind, align your chakras, and elevate your energy.” Michelle is a tantra and intimacy coach, raising awareness of pleasure, feminine embodiment, and sexual empowerment. Follow @michelle.alva.love


7) Alpha Channeling Coloring Book

One of my favorite pastimes is to color. It has become my daughter’s and my Sunday evening ritual. We bring out the speaker and she puts on her Disney songs, I bring out the marker suitcase, we pile pillows and blankets on the bed, and we get lost in our drawings. We usually color flowers, unicorns, and mermaids. But how much more exciting would it be to be coloring erotic art? My daughter can keep to her rainbows and her Zombies 2 music; I’ll daydream while coloring a rainbow chakra tunnel illustrated by the intertwining of a male body penetrating a goddess temple. Order via alphachanneling.com. 

8) Plant People

Follow a series of educational posts that inform us of the power and wisdom of plants. Plant People is a hemp and herbal supplement company unlocking the intelligence of botanical bodies. Follow @plantpeople

9) Love Life

Order and pick up curbside! Food quality has an impact on your health. Conscious choices are needed in all of life’s realms. I trust blindly what Diego and Veronica bring to the table; hence this is one of my favorite places to plant-based dining in Miami. Follow @lovelife_cafe.

10) And finally, Erika's quarantine message:


Enter quarantine uncertain of our current situation, come out an empowered human. 

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