Surrender to Mercury in Retrograde

It’s a comical universe. There is humor tethered to the doing of life. Some might think otherwise, that life is dull or fucked up. But life can be a tragedy or a comedy according to how you wish to tell your story.

I cling to the latter. In times of retrograde, this must be remembered in capital letters. 

Let’s say:

Shit is not going right. To save time, instead of going to the bank to notarize your letter, you stop by the nearest UPS to notarize and certify mail it. When you arrive at the post office, there’s only one person attending the customers, and seven people are in line before you. Your quick run becomes a 45-minute ordeal. When your time comes, the computer to certify your mail is out of order. 


You are scheduling the next event for your client. You book a beautiful room for her book launch reception, only to find out you’ve been double-booked, and the next available dates do not coincide with your client’s availability. 


A meeting is set up, but a miscommunication in the email thread results in you and the person you're meeting ending up at different locations of the same coffee shop. And it’s rush hour. 

Mail gets lost—and that never happens. 

Your hair is frizzy and uncontrollable. 

Your moon is longer than usual. 

The dryer is not working.

You can’t seem to get an answer about a deal you want to close. 

One would think the universe is against them. 

But no, you have no priority in that Divine Order. What’s going on is we are in Mercury retrograde. And the only way to deal with this celestial craze is to surrender!

Surrender to the natural flow of the universe. Surrender to the need to control the outcome of all things, to control time and people. Surrender to expecting everything to be perfect or having any expectation at all. Surrender to trying to fit shit where it doesn’t fit. Surrender to thinking you must always be right. Or surrender to one of the most condescending responses of our mortal and limited thinking: that everyone and everything is against you!


Mercury in retrograde is a must-needed phase to humor oneself and surrender to the cosmic giggles of the universe. This is an opportunity to take yourself lightly, to fall into a space of timelessness, to laugh more often or to laugh harder, to have conversations with random people when you are waiting in line, to understand there’s a Divine Order of things of which you are a part but have no control over, to know that sometimes that even means to take a chill pill and go with the flow, to be softer and more playful, to surrender to what is. 

Your appointment is late? Read that blog you have always wanted to, but for which you said were too busy. The meeting was moved at the last minute? Embrace the change and try something new. The event got canceled? Take the night out, buy yourself a glass of wine. People are not responding to your emails? Trust in the universe, in the unknown force that orchestrates us all. Laugh out loud and surrender to this effin retrograde. 

Your life’s story is better told as a romantic comedy than a tragic fairy tale. 

You’ll have more fun. 

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