Super Bowl LIV: Dancing is a Sacred Ritual

The Super Bowl half-time show: Did it offend you? Did you cover your kids' eyes? Did you think it was too much? Dancing has been a sacred ritual dating back to Mesopotamian times about 4,000 years ago (1). It’s a rendition of the Sacred Feminine to the creative energy of the universe. Dancing is the deliberate way of the feminine of expressing sensuality, love, and passion. It’s the liberation from form into embracing the shapelessness of the soul. It’s tuning into a vibration with infinite possibilities. 

But there will always be someone who opposes that which is different or that which will make you jump out of your chair. Those who are insulted are the ones afraid to turn a corner. Those are our egos petrified to lose themselves in the process —maybe, dance a little?

But times are changing, and the ego shrieks like a chicken in a plucker machine. The ego is being challenged by the awakening of the Sacred Feminine in the world. Women and men are afraid of the uproar that will ensue when the feminine lands in its greatness, again—and it’s already starting to happen. The Sacred Feminine at its full potential is the energy of creation; its a weapon of no detonation; its powerful presence ignites joy, love, and freedom. Those who reject it think their beauty is disturbing, threatening, and chaotic (2).

The Sacred Feminine is the part within you that doesn’t give two fucks about others' opinions; however, the feminine in you cares profusely for the liberation of those other souls from the conditioned and monotonous behavior to which they have fallen prey. 

 Our egos judge and criticize what they don’t understand. They reject and react right away when their paradigm of what is right and wrong is challenged by their hearts telling them otherwise. Women and men dancing, shaking their hips, moving crowds, and waking you the fuck up are what we need. We judge and we ridicule when we can’t control, when someone is breaking the mold, when we are afraid to admit that what we see is the reflection of our repressed dreams —perhaps, you want to dance, too?

All of us are responsible for our systematic ways of oppressing women in every field of our civilized lives. Let the goddesses rise! Shakira and JLo’s performance was art, was talent, was fucking awesome. It was the Feminine in its grandiose power (did you notice the alchemical feminine sign before the kids entered the stage?). Dancing transforms, empowers, allures. You should try salsa dancing sometime. It requires sabrosura and not giving a fuck. 

(1,2) Kaouthar Darmoni

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