Social Distancing like a Wild Woman

When someone’s facing an issue and comes to me for advice: "Look at life through the lens of a Wild Woman," I tell them. In my book, I write that you should watch life from a distance with the same excitement as a two-year-old staring at bubbles against a blue sky. I further explain that you should relate to your life as if you were the audience watching a movie. 

Alan Watts says you can’t see your nose when you are up too close to the mirror. Deepak Chopra says to be the observer of your life. Osho says to be the witness witnessing your life. 

Take some distance from the issue at hand. Look at your life from an eagle's view. See the whole picture. The movie is not defined by one clip; it’s summed up by the whole story. When you detach yourself from the issue at hand and can take some distance, you can understand the situation and find a solution. 

What better time than now? Sit back, watch your life in the theater of your mind. Like witnessing a movie, consider: What works? What doesn’t? What do you miss? What can you do without? Who’s there for you, loves you, and respects you? For whom do you need to be that person? How are you managing your finances? How much time do you dedicate to taking care of yourself? What needs to change? What stresses you? 

Are you happy? Are you living the life you are meant to?

Tell me, after playing the movie of your life—are you the protagonist?

I hope so. 

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